I started to learn how to make IOS app when swift was released 2 years ago now. I didn’t have any experience in iOS before. At the time, tutorial were very hard to find, especially good one. And often as swift was evolving the tutorials weren’t updated. As you may figure it out, it’s not always easy to learn with outdated lessons. A couple month ago i discover Develops though an e-learning offer.
And i’ve to say that so far i’ve been pretty amazed by the community this developer(s) has managed to bring together.

Their classes are often updated and the focus on details is what a good developer need to learn. It’s nice to learn piece of code here and there, but a full tutorial/lesson is always way more appreciated.
I’m currently working on my own apps and i hope to post more about it very soon

Today devslopes is releasing their first kickstater to promote their app.

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